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We have provided fast and top-quality glass services for more than 40 years.

We believe that going above and beyond to provide a first-class service every time is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction. From residential glass services to auto glass, we got your needs covered.

LEBANON GLASS Company Window Company Window Repair

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    Our Services

    Lebanon Glass proudly offers the following services:
    LEBANON GLASS Company Window Company Window Repair

    Residential Glass

    Our team has the expertise needed for installation, repairs, and replacement for all residential glass windows and doors. We have a dedicated staff of glass technicians with the necessary experience to take care of all your glass-work needs.

    LEBANON GLASS Company Window Company Window Repair

    Commercial Glass

    At Lebanon Glass, we help retail stores and restaurants better represent themselves to the business world through the lustrous, gleaming glass! Once your installation is complete, you can put up displays to attract and entice pedestrians as they pass on the sidewalk. Our team can help you create a wonderful viewing experience so that everyone can see what’s happening inside!

    LEBANON GLASS Company Window Company Window Repair


    Whether you need a window repair, replacement, or just a part, our team is here to guide you throughout the process. We know everything about glass windows so rest assured that we can complete any window project you have. .

    LEBANON GLASS Company Window Company Window Repair

    Window Cleaning

    Our team is very careful not only to get your windows clean, but we take the time to work around your furniture without damaging anything in the process. Our cleaners even take their shoes off when they come inside your home.

    LEBANON GLASS Company Window Company Window Repair

    Windshield Repair

    Lebanon Glass performs windshield repair services on every type of vehicle. If our technicians can’t repair the windshield, we offer replacement with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality glass, free mobile service, and same-day scheduling.

    LEBANON GLASS Company Window Company Window Repair

    Auto Glass

    Lebanon Glass specializes in prompt and reliable windshield replacement and various auto glass services, allowing our customers to drive with renewed confidence and improved visibility.

    LEBANON GLASS Company Window Company Window Repair

    Shower Doors

    Lebanon glass is a premier provider of glass shower enclosures, from modern frameless shower doors to custom-crafted framed or semi-framed glass enclosures. Our professionals will work with you to create the shower of your dreams by installing shower doors that fit your specific shower, adding to the beauty of your home.

    LEBANON GLASS Company Window Company Window Repair

    Screen Porches

    Lebanon Glass provides top-quality screened porch installation. Our team can install easily screen porches. All you need to do is have the right design, and we will provide all the necessary assistance.

    LEBANON GLASS Company Window Company Window Repair

    Flat Boat Glass

    We separate ourselves from the rest of the boat glass companies through our high-quality installation and repairs. Our team comes fully equipped with the necessary tools and machinery to get the job done quickly so you can get right back out on the water.

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    “The guys from Lebanon Glass are real lifesavers! I badly needed a glass replacement for my window and they really delivered. Great job!”


    “Lebanon Glass offers reliable and professional service! We needed to have the door glass to our business replaced after breaking. They immediately sent their technicians and have the glass replaced the same day! Highly recommended!”


    “Excellence is the best word to describe their work. The people from Lebanon Glass are nice people to work with.”

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    At Lebanon Glass, we fully understand the needs of our customers. That’s why we are here to provide the help you need. Below are some of the frequently asked questions we get from our customers.

    Look for a sheet of plastic or cardboard and tape it over the opening from the outside. Doing this will reduce the chance of further damage.

    You can place masking tape over the cracked areas.

    Glass showers are easy to clean. Here is a tip: after using the shower, use a towel to keep the glass clean. This will also prevent water stains. 

    The windshield of your car is made of laminated safety glass. What makes it unique is its special construction. It is designed to offer optimum safety in the event of a crash. Laminated safety glass is composed of two pieces of glass, with a thin layer of vinyl sandwiched between them. The three pieces are laminated together by applying heat and pressure in as special oven called an autoclave.

    If a small object strikes a piece of safety glass, often only the outer layer stuck breaks. This feature is what makes windshield rock chip repair possible. In a more severe impact, the glass “shatters” but usually does not fly apart. The broken pieces of glass generally adhere to the vinyl inner lining. Laminated safety glass also acts as a barrier to objects moving inside the vehicle.

    The side and rear windows are made of tempered glass. As the name implies, the glass has been “tempered” or put through a special process where it is heated, then rapidly cooled. This process makes the glass many times stronger than un-tempered glass of the same thickness.

    Upon impact, tempered glass is designed to disintegrate into small pieces of glass about the size of rock salt. There should be no large, jagged pieces of glass to injure the driver or passengers. However, the force needed to break a piece of tempered glass is considerably more than an un-tempered one.

    Repairing or replacing your windshield is beneficial not only for aesthetic purposes but for your safety as well. A small crack can make the window much easier to shatter even in minor accidents. Getting them repaired sooner rather than later can also prevent you from spending more on a complete replacement.

    If you leave your cracked or chipped windshield unattended for too long, you could find yourself paying more expensive auto glass repair fees or even a premature replacement. You also leave yourself open to further damage because even a minor fender-bender can cause the glass to shatter and harm you or your passengers.

    Most windows can last anywhere between 15 to 30 years depending on the material, maintenance, and climate. Vinyl windows have the shortest lifespan while wood and fiberglass have the longest lifespan. However, if your windows are older than 15 years old, it is time to start paying attention. You need to watch for signs of leaks, rot, decay, warping, or damage. You should only have to replace windows once, maybe twice in your life.

    Our installers can work under any condition and during any season. However, there are certain times of year that are more conducive to the installation of new windows. Caulk cures best during warm weather. 

    If you notice formation of rust or corrosion on the metal, a crack or discoloration on the glass, if the door won’t close or doesn’t fit properly, or you find yourself mopping up after each shower, you probably need a new shower door. 

    Security glass is also called safety glass. It is a specialized glass with extra strength and resistance to provide safety and security for those around. It can be made from various materials, though most security glass is made using tempered glass.

    LEBANON GLASS Company Window Company Window Repair
    LEBANON GLASS Company Window Company Window Repair

    Our Guarantee

    Lebanon Glass promises to deliver the best in glass services for all our customers throughout Lebanon, Missouri. We ensure that our technicians are always insured, licensed, and updated with the latest technology in the glass industry. Our goal is to provide a world-class service at the best prices available.

    Call us today at (417) 929-8341. Lebanon Glass proudly serves all properties throughout Lebanon, Missouri.