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When you own a business, its physical appearance is very important. Investing in good-quality glass storefronts adds to the aesthetic appeal of your business and can attract more customers.

LEBANON GLASS Company Window Company Window Repair
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LEBANON GLASS Company Window Company Window Repair

Lebanon Glass can handle all of your commercial glass needs. Our team can handle all aspects of glass installations and repairs for storefronts, entrance doors, pass-thru windows, glass partitions, and more. 

We have been in the business since 1977 offering residential glass, commercial glass, windows, window cleaning, windshield repair, auto glass, shower doors, screen porches, and flatboat glass. We proudly serve all residential and commercial glass services in Lebanon, Missouri, and all the surrounding areas.

Commercial Glass Repair and Replacement for All Your Needs

Lebanon Glass strives to build a long-term relationship based on customer satisfaction and the highest service standards. We have proven years of experience, expertise, and the tools to perform any glass job. We offer our customers speedy commercial glass repair and replacement.

The Advantages of Commercial Glass Doors and Windows

Glass doors and windows are currently being used in almost every business, owing to the impressive aesthetic value they offer to architectural structures. The low cost and wide range of glass options, together with its accompanying increase in property value, make glass doors and windows the first choice of businessmen around the world.

Glass doors and windows are being used in commercial properties such as offices, stores, and restaurants, due to the following reasons:

Aesthetically Appealing

Glass doors are proven to increase the aesthetic value of your property due to their designs and transparency. Restaurants use this transparency to provide their customers with beautiful views of the outside scenery.

Privacy Control

Glass doors come in different texture variants and glass types. This feature allows them to be used to control the level of privacy in buildings. Certain areas where privacy is needed such as bathrooms and office partitions can employ the use of translucent glass, tinted glass, or other glass types to ensure privacy.

Increases Productivity and Improves Moods

Glass doors are proven to help increase the productivity of workers in commercial offices. Research shows that when the human body is exposed to natural lighting, it experiences a stabilization of its energy levels. This results in a reduction of fatigue and increases productivity in return.

Glass doors and windows provide natural lighting, aesthetics, and outside view. This improves the moods of customers, clients, and workers.

Noise Reduction

When your glass doors and windows are properly installed, they provide a high level of noise reduction. Restaurants also share this benefit, since they don’t have to worry about noise and still get a perfect view of the outside scenery.

Reduces Energy Bills Significantly

Glass doors and windows provide commercial buildings with natural lighting from the sunlight, meaning they spend less power and time on artificial lighting systems.

Glass also helps in regulating the temperature of your building. Therefore, it decreases the use of artificial heating and cooling systems such as air conditioning systems. 

Reduces Fading Effects

Materials such as clothing and carpet tend to fade and deteriorate over time, after prolonged and extensive exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun. Glass provides businesses with protection since there are glass types that can protect your buildings from UV rays.

More Value for Money

Glass doors offer more value for money when compared with alternative options. Glass doors and windows come at a significantly reduced cost, a wide range of options to choose from, relative ease of maintenance, and tons of benefits compared to other doors and window alternatives.

High-Quality Commercial Glass

Get long-lasting glass for your business from Lebanon Glass. Let our team take care of your glass renovations, new construction, replacements, door and glass service, auto entrance, and storefronts.

Experienced Glass Professionals

We have been in the business since 1977, so you can trust us to complete your job. Get a personal service from a locally owned and operated team like Lebanon Glass.

Glass for All Types of Businesses

We offer commercial glass services for all types of businesses, such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Stores
  • Offices
  • Malls

Quality Glass Products

Lebanon Glass guarantees that your windows will not leak. Our glass products are the best in the market.

Glass for All Types of Businesses

LEBANON GLASS Company Window Company Window Repair
LEBANON GLASS Company Window Company Window Repair

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Lebanon Glass has specialized in commercial glass services for more than four decades. Our passion and craftsmanship are seen in all our projects throughout Lebanon, Missouri. All of our commercial glass services come with the same promise of quality, dedication, and durability. Our highly trained and skilled glass technicians are always ready and willing to work on their next project. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority in this business.